Kyriakos Sfetsas – Smog


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Label: Cat In The Room Records – CIR001
2 x Vinyl, LP, Album, Reissue, Remastered
Country: Greece
Genre: Electronic, Classical
Style: Experimental


Side One
I. Chairs
A. Introduction – electronic sounds – low holds & rhythms in high register. Silence 2:01
B. Electronic and concrete sounds – mainly serious registers – clusters, falls. “Lines” going through all registers – concrete sounds filters. Silence 4:06
C. Polyphony. Organ (rhythms, clusters etc.) & synthesizer. Silence 6:29
D. Rhythmic sequence, constantly changing rhythmic pattern. Polyrhythmia. Silence 3:48
E. Epilogue – coda – Truncated repeat of A. 1:40
Track Nº 6
A. Electronic Sounds (falls, glissandi, low holds, oscillating sounds), concrete sounds (transformed aircraft engines, airport noises, etc.). Silence 4:48
Side Two
B. Rhythmic sequence – start in monophony, then, track 1 and 3: polyrhythm one to three voices on varied model. Tracks 2 and 3: polyrhythm to to three voices on varied model. Electronic sounds only. Silence 8:38
C. Melodies of electronic sounds, clusters, oscillating sounds. Silence 2:50
D. Epilogue – coda – Resumption of A & drops in successive entries 5″ apart 1:41
Epicenter or Magnetic Field
A. Wind noise on runways 1,2 and 4 – Breath rhythmic on runway 3. Silence 1:44
B. Successive entry on electronic sounds (oscillating, white noise, percussion, clusters). 2:59
C. Polyphony of electronic and concrete sounds & screams. Silence 4:02
Side Three
D. Tracks1,2 and 4: synthesizer sounds (scales in micro-intervals). Track 3: bass vocals & electronic sounds. Silence 2:07
E. Rhythmic Sequence. Track 1 and 3: three voices polyrhythm. Track 2 and 4: two voices polyrhythm. 7:07
IV. Tour
A. Introduction – Very low oscillating sounds, the 4 tracks in unison. Then, successive entries at 5″ intervals in concrete sounds. 2:06
B. Rhythms in concrete sounds on tracks 2 and 4. Then, entries of tracks 1 and 3, still in concrete sounds. Silence 3:17
C. Eight doubled voices – Texts spoken, filtered, backwards etc. & clusters. Silence 4:08
D. Electronic sounds – drops, “slippery”, sustained sounds, on all registers. Silence 4:03
Side Four
E. Rhythmic sequence (rhythms for three voices on tracks 1 and 3. Then, inputs tracks 2 and 4, rhythms for two voices). 4:16
V. The Great Journey
B. Melody on the synthesizer on track 3. Subsequent entries of the other three tracks with gliding sounds, micro-intervals, etc. Silence 2:05
C. Tracks 1 and 3 – “Pop” rhythms. Then, inputs tracks 2 and 4 with superimposed melodies & electronic sounds. 6:04
D. Rhythmic sequence – Final. Tracks 2 and 4: Irregular rhythms with three evolving voices. Electronic sounds. Entrances at 01:30 of tracks and 3 with melodies, clusters. 7:40


Smog is an electro-acoustic work in five parts of equal duration (18 minutes) divided into several variable sequences. It was composed as the music score for the ballet Smog commissioned by the choreographer Michel Caserta. The work was premiered on October 18, 1974, by the Ensemble chorégraphique de Vitry at the Théâtre Jean-Vilar in Vitry-sur-Seine.

Executive Producers of the Reissue: Nikos Giousef & Achilleas Stavrou under the supervision of Kyriakos Sfetsas
Artwork & Design: Iro Stamatopoulou
Remastered at Sweetspot Studio by Yiannis Christodoulatos
Special Thanks to Alexandros Kalofolias & Panos Tomaras for the Translations & Love

180gr. double vinyl edition

(P) & (C) 2022 Cat In The Room Records – CIR001 – Made In The E.U.
The copyright in this sound recording is owned by Cat In The Room Records under the auspices of GoodHeart Productions.