33 Lovers – Ghost Flower


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A1. The Sun Is Up
A2. Fucking Space
A3. Phantosmia
A4. Trippin’
B1. Retrograde Venus
B2. In The End
B3. When You Smile
B4. Songbird
B5. Bigger Lighter Glow


In the vibrant and ever-evolving landscape of indie music, 33 Lovers – the brainchild of frontman and songwriter, Stratos Kiris – emerges as a resounding voice of love, pain, acceptance and existence.
33 Lovers embarked on a musical journey using their art as a vehicle for change and understanding and Ghost Flower is their first album. The hauntingly soulful vocals pierce through the heart, while the heartfelt lyrics resonate deeply with the listener. The sound is elevated by the mesmerizing guitar tunes, the ethereal keyboard melodies, the mellow bass and the pulsating beats. The harmonies create an enchanting fusion of alternative/indie, lo-fi, pop and diy aesthetic, which makes the album eclectic.